Moving can be an incredibly stressful experience without the right preparation and help. Moving services can help you avoid potential hassles, but where should you begin?

If you’re in need of Foley moving services, Gulf Shores moving services, Orange Beach moving services, Fairhope moving services, Daphne moving services, or moving services in Mobile, Alabama, then Big Fish Moving Company can help you cut through the clutter.

As you research your professional moving options, make sure that the company you choose has these three “musts”…

Complete Moving Contract

A moving company must provide you with a written estimate on every shipment they make for you. Verbal quotes are great, but they’re not official estimates. A contract that spells out your written estimate should be signed and dated by both you and your mover.

There are “binding” and “non-binding” estimates, depending on your needs. That’s normal. However, unscrupulous moving companies may ask you to sign a blank (or incomplete) estimate document, and it’s almost always a scam.

These are legally enforceable documents, and a shady moving company could change the terms of your move, even the cost, without your knowledge or consent. Ensure that the contract is complete, including pickup and delivery dates, and that the moving estimate includes any extra fees.

Customized Moving Solutions

“One size fits all” is great for, say, ball caps. Not movers.

That’s because every move has unique challenges, items to be moved, and distance to drive. Even houses with the exact same square footage can have a very wide range of moving needs. (Not to mention varying preparedness of the moving clients!)

You want to make sure your moving company can move *you*. Be honest with them beforehand about your needs. If your movers show up on moving day and are faced with a different scenario than you described, you could experience setbacks. And if your movers work on an hourly basis, those setbacks can push you over-budget.

Big Fish Moving will create a customized moving solution for you. When you call us for an estimate, make us aware of everything that needs to be moved, any special requirements you might have, and anything especially notable or challenging about your property.

Licensed and Insured Moving Company

It is so important that your moving company is licensed and insured to do what they do. When you look up your potential company to make sure they’re licensed, beware of the companies who have changed their names multiple times and may be skirting scam-busting agencies.

If your moving company is newer, ask for references. These references should be from your area, and you should call them to check on their experience with the company.

When it comes to insurance, all movers are required to assume at least partial liability for your belongings. You can usually choose either full replacement value protection or alternative level liability, but you want to confirm that the company’s insurance is reputable.

We hope you’ll choose Big Fish Moving Company to help you with your residential or business moving needs. Call us today to ask about our moving solutions. Wherever you’re going, we wish you safe travels!


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