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You’ve hired a professional moving company… congrats! Whether you are local moving or long-distance moving, your experience is likely to carry a lot less stress.

But now what?

Regardless of where you live, you’ll want to ensure these four things to make moving day a breeze:

1. Know When to Consolidate for Moving

No way around it: Moving means consolidating. However, choosing *when* to do this could be key for your move.

Before the move…

If you’re paying for packing and unpacking services, you’ll most likely want to consolidate before moving day because moving a large volume of belongings can quickly become a less economical option. You can cut costs by putting your items in categories: pack, donate, trash. With enough time and foresight, you can even have a “sell” category.

Pro tip: You may think you don’t have that many things, but the longer you’ve lived in one location, the more likely it is that you’ll underestimate the number of things you own. If you’ve lived in your home over five years, give yourself extra time to consolidate.

After the move…

If you’re packing with a tight time crunch, it may be the right choice for you to adopt the motto: “Just pack it.” Especially if your destination has enough space for you to make the keep-it-or-toss-it decision while you’re unpacking, this mindset can make your packing go much more smoothly.

Often, despite hiring professional movers, moves bring with them some overwhelm. So if it’s too much to make dozens of decisions about whether or not to keep a sentimental item, “just pack it.”

2. Be Responsible for Items Only You Want to Move

While the Big Fish professional movers are trained and skilled teams and we try our very best to safely wrap and transport your belongings, you’ll likely still have things that you’d prefer to move yourself.

For business moving, there will likely be important documents or boxes of sensitive information. For residential moving, you may have expensive jewelry or family heirlooms that you yourself will want to handle.

It’s also likely that you will arrive at your new home before all of your belongings do. In that case, pack a “first-week” bag of essentials: clothes, chargers, snacks, toiletries, and perhaps a first-aid kit and cash.

TIP: Designate a zone in your home or business called “OWM” (owner will move). Let your movers know that everything in this area you will move yourself.

3. Be Aware of Measurements for the Moving Company

Nothing can cause a hiccup on move day like discovering last-minute that you need to disassemble a piece of furniture that’s filled with belongings that now need to find a box.

Sometimes we forget what pieces were assembled inside the home or we don’t take into account that a renovation may have changed the pathway through which furniture arrived.

Take measurements and keep a note of the sizes of your furniture and doorways. If a door needs to come off of its hinges to make room for moving, let your moving company know when they arrive.

4. Be Nice to Yourself

The emotions of moving can require a lot from you.

Learning about a move, selling a home or putting in a notice, house-hunting, packing, saying goodbye to people, places and things… it can all be a huge emotional journey and the stakes can feel very high.

We encourage you to go easy on yourself, especially on the big day. Do whatever it takes to care for yourself and prepare for snafus, excitement, tears and adventure.

If you’d like a professional moving company to help take some of the stress and work off of your hands, we’d be privileged to help. Request a free, on-site estimate from our professional movers today.


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